Kosovo - Country Commercial Guide
Selling Factors and Techniques
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U.S. goods and services enjoy an excellent reputation in Kosovo. If a U.S. representative is unable to be in Kosovo full-time, a local agent or distributor is recommended. The capacity of local marketing firms is improving, but local companies distributing U.S. goods usually seek marketing assistance from the producer or let the foreign company market the product directly. Domestic and regional business exhibitions are useful for identifying and establishing contacts with local distributors. Although English is widely spoken in Kosovo, it is advisable that sales materials be printed in Albanian and Serbian if possible.

Trade Promotion and Advertising

Local advertising and marketing firms primarily provide services to domestic companies but also cater to a handful of established international firms operating in Kosovo. Several companies offer strictly promotional services, while others offer fully integrated marketing and advertising packages. Embassy Pristina’s commercial unit also offers Single Company Promotion (SCP) services.


Kosovo uses the euro as its currency. The Central Bank of Kosovo does not have an independent monetary policy and prices largely reflect market trends in the larger Eurozone. Prices include a Value Added Tax rate of zero, eight, or 18 percent depending on the product. Local consumers are price conscious and actively seek out sales and discounts. Local businesses frequently offer promotions and sales events to attract customers and gain market share. U.S. firms should study the market carefully to ensure that their goods and services are competitively priced.

Sale Services and Customer Support

After-sales service and customer support are considered to be the responsibility of the local agent or distributor.


Local Professional Services

Auditing Firms:

Deloitte LLP Albania and Kosovo

Grant Thornton


Price Waterhouse Coopers



ProCredit Bank

Raiffeisen Bank

NLB Banka

Banka Ekonomike

Banka per Biznes

Banka Kombëtare Tregtare

TEB  Bank

Is Bankasi

NLB Bank A.D. Beograd (NOTE: This bank operates mainly in Serb-majority areas.)


Insurance Companies:

Illyria Insurance




Note: You can find more information on banks and insurance companies on the Central Bank of Kosovo website.


Courier Services:

FedEx (express mail services only)

Eqrem Cabej St. 147

10000 Pristina, Kosovo

Tel: +383 (0)38 550 870

E-mail: fedexkosovo@gmail.com



105/1 UCK Street

10000 Pristina, Kosovo

Tel: +383 (0)38 242-222

Fax: +383 (0)38 249 999

E-mail: artanb@aldushi.com



25b Mother Teresa Street

10000 Pristina, Kosovo

Tel: +383 (0)38 545-545

E-mail: dhl@kujtesa.com

Web: https://www.dhl.com/us-en

Principal Business Associations

The American Chamber of Commerce in Kosovo, the Kosovo Chamber of Commerce, the German Chamber of Commerce, the Kosovo Turkey Chamber of Commerce, and the Kosovo Business Alliance are the main business organizations in Kosovo. Most are open to U.S. companies. Their primary role is to protect the interests of the business community and advocate for policies to improve the business environment. These associations lobby the government on business issues.

Limitations on Selling U.S. Products and Services

Kosovo legislation does not stipulate that any particular sector or service is only available to its nationals. Foreigners can own property and invest in the same way as locals.