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The COVID-19 pandemic galvanized the government to focus efforts on the growing need for quality, basic, and specialized health and medical services, personnel, facilities, and products.  The sector is dominated by public-sector services, but private-sector investment in recent years has increased. Many Kosovans travel to neighboring countries to meet their healthcare needs. Local solutions present a potentially lucrative opportunity for outside investors. Dental clinics, eye surgery centers, and facilities offering cosmetic procedures are also on the rise as they offer lower cost services to visiting diaspora. The focus on the healthcare sector also presents opportunities for increased exports by U.S. pharmaceutical companies.

Throughout the country, there are seven regional public hospitals and one university hospital located in Pristina. The American Hospital opened in 2015, offering state-of-the-art technology and equipment as well as more advanced procedures than typically offered locally.

Kosovo pharmacies and healthcare facilities rely on imported medical equipment and pharmaceuticals. There is very limited production locally of generic pharmaceuticals. The Kosovo Medicines Agency is responsible for licensing of importers and quality control. EU market authorizations for pharmaceuticals are not always accepted; importers may also need Kosovo-specific market authorizations which can take several months to acquire.

Leading Sub-Sectors:

  • Hospitals, clinics, and other medical facilities
  • Emergency medical treatment services and equipment
  • Medicines, pharmaceutical products, and pharmacies
  • Hospital management, staff training, and legal services


  • Primary, secondary, and tertiary level healthcare facilities
  • Private hospitals, clinics, and emergency medical facilities
  • Medical supplies and pharmacies
  • Provision of medical equipment and supplies
  • Professional staff training and consulting
  • National Health Information System


Ministry of Health

National Institute of Public Health

Kosovo Medicine Agency

Kosovo Pharmaceutical Association at http://ofk-rks.net/