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Licensing Requirements for Professional Services
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According to the Kosovo Business Registration Agency (KBRA), many professional services do not require a license. The Law on the License and Permit System adopted in 2013 stipulates the procedures and general criteria for the licensing of foreign professional services by competent boards of respective ministries. Legal and accountancy professions require a license, while consulting does not.

Foreigners who wish to practice law in Kosovo must register with the Kosovo Bar Association, present their home country Bar Association certificate and law license, and pass a test on their knowledge of Kosovo legislation before applying for a license at the Ministry of Justice.

Similarly, to become a licensed accountant, a foreign professional must apply for registration with the Society of Certified Accountants and Auditors of Kosovo (SCAAK), document their professional standing from their respective home country, and pass SCAAK’s eligibility test. The licensing determination is made by the Kosovo Council for Financial Reporting, which is part of the Ministry of Finance.