Jordan - Country Commercial Guide
Trade Standards

Describes standards, identifies the national standards, accreditation bodies, and lists the national testing organization(s) and conformity assessment bodies.

Last published date: 2021-10-25


The Jordan Standards and Metrology Organization ( the government organization legally responsible for the preparation, publication, and review of Jordanian standards and regulations for products and services.


JSMO issues two types of standards:

  • Technical Standards: Mandatory standards which are assessed based on international benchmarks and agreements.  These standards cover products which affect consumers’ health and safety, such as food products, chemical detergents, electrical equipment, textile and clothes composition and personal safety equipment.
  • Standard Specification: Optional standards for manufacturers and importers; examples include furniture products, clothes, textiles, and shoes.  Some companies choose to set their own standard specification, adding special features or qualities.

JSMO sets and publishes food standards for the Jordan Food and Drug Administration (JFDA) to follow. The JFDA tests and approves products before they can be sold.

Testing, Inspection and Certification

Companies interested in obtaining conformity certificates or Jordanian Quality Marks for their products can view instructions before submitting their application online at: Certification Department (

The process to receive a quality mark is divided into four stages: application procedure, assessment procedure, certification procedure, and surveillance procedure.

Imported goods subject to mandatory standards require verification through laboratory testing in Jordan.  JSMO undertakes these responsibilities by cooperating with approved labs, including those at the JSMO, Ministry of Health, Greater Amman Municipality, Ministry of Agriculture, and Royal Scientific Society (RSS), all of which perform inspection and testing.

Publication of Technical Regulations

Technical standards (Jordan Quality Mark) are published in the Jordan Official Gazette in hard copy only and are registered in the Jordan Quality Mark database. The English version of the Jordan Official Gazette as well as a disk with the Jordan Quality Mark database can be purchased from JSMO.

Contact Information

Members of the World Trade Organization (WTO) are required under the Agreement on Technical Barriers to Trade (TBT Agreement) to notify to the WTO proposed technical regulations and conformity assessment procedures that could affect trade. Notify U.S. ( is a free, web-based e-mail registration service that captures and makes available for review and comment key information on draft regulations and conformity assessment procedures. Users receive customized e-mail alerts when new notifications are added by selected country or countries and industry sector(s) of interest and can also request full texts of regulations. This service and its associated web site are managed and operated by the USA WTO TBT Inquiry Point housed within the National Institute of Standards and Technology, part of the U.S. Department of Commerce