Jordan - Country Commercial Guide
Selling Factors and Techniques
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Cost, delivery time, responsiveness to “Requests for Quotations” and credit terms are important in purchasing decisions made by Jordanian companies.  Even though many Jordanians can speak and read English, it is better from a marketing perspective to have catalogs/brochures translated into Arabic.

Trade Promotion and Advertising

U.S.-style promotion is gaining popularity.  There are several trade fairs and events where U.S. exporters can participate as an exhibitor or as a visitor, and many Jordanian businesspeople attend major regional fairs, such as those held in the UAE and Europe.

Advertisement in newspapers, radio, and business journals and association newsletters to locate agents, distributors, or buyers can be effective.  Billboards and electronic screens are also available.  Cell phones are ubiquitous in Jordan and an increasing number of notices and advertisements are sent via SMS in addition to utilizing well-known social media platforms.


The Jordanian market is price sensitive. Local importers base their pricing on the export price, freight costs, applicable import tariffs and taxes, the 16 percent sales tax (depending on the product), and profit margin.  U.S. manufacturers and suppliers should, however, coordinate with local representatives before assigning a final price to a product. Products with higher prices than the competition will need marketing support and must be of demonstrably higher quality.

Local Professional Services

A full range of banking, auditing, legal, advertising, and other service providers is available in Jordan. For further information, please contact the U.S. Commercial Service office in Amman.