Jordan - Country Commercial Guide
Trade Financing
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Methods of Payment

The preferred method of payment in Jordan is via letters of credit, as it ensures that both parties can guarantee their rights in the shipment. Cash payment through wire transfer is also possible but not recommended unless the buyer and seller have a very solid business relationship.

Visa, MasterCard, and American Express credit cards are widely used and accepted for consumer purchases.

For more information about the methods of payment or other trade finance options, please read the Trade Finance Guide.

Banking Systems

For information on the banking system in Jordan, please refer to the 2022 Investment Climate Statement for details.

Foreign Exchange Controls

Jordan’s liberal foreign exchange law entitles foreign investors to remit abroad, in a fully convertible foreign currency, foreign capital invested, including all returns, profits, and proceeds arising from the liquidation of investment projects. Non-Jordanian administrative and technical employees are permitted to transfer their salaries and compensation abroad.