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Defense and Security
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Jordan is in a region often characterized by volatility and instability, making security a national priority.  The country shares borders with Syria, Iraq, Saudi Arabia and Israel and the West Bank. Jordan’s stability is a priority for the United States, which has provided Jordan with assistance since the late 1960s.  In 2022, the United States provided $425 million in State Department Foreign Military Financing (FMF) funds as part of its bilateral assistance package.  The U.S. military assistance program is designed to meet Jordan’s defense needs to support border integrity and regional stability through provision of materiel and training.

Jordan’s defense market is relatively small.  Primary end users include the Jordanian Armed Forces (JAF), Civil Defense, Public Security Directorate (PSD), Royal Jordanian Air Force (RJAF) and General Intelligence Department (GID).  Responsibility of securing Jordan’s national security lies with the JAF, GID, and the Ministry of Interior, which supervises the PSD including the Gendarmerie, and the Civil Defense.  These entities seek to acquire the latest equipment and technologies to provide the highest level of security, whether for protecting the country from terrorism, securing Jordan’s borders, or maintaining internal and external stability.  Although most equipment is imported, there is an increasing amount of security equipment and devices either assembled or produced domestically through Jordan Design and Development Bureau (JODDB).

Safety and Security.  U.S. companies hold up to 60 percent of the safety and security market in Jordan, with competition from Europe, Turkey, and Asia.  Demand for safety and security equipment comes from four main sectors:  banking, residential and commercial construction, firefighting, and tourism (hotels and resorts).  There is a strong demand for the import of security equipment to meet the government’s security requirements.  A new and fast-growing subsector in the safety and security sector is cybersecurity.  With advanced technologies being used over a wide range of applications, providing security for their use is becoming increasingly necessary for both the public and the private sectors.  In alignment with such needs, Jordan hosted the second biennial AI Defense Technology and Cyber Security Exhibition and Conference (AIDTSEC) in September 2023.

Jordan also hosts the Special Operations Forces Exhibition & Conference (SOFEX) biennially; this defense trade exhibition is held under the patronage of the King and with the full support of the Jordan Armed Forces (JAF).  The exhibition attracts exhibitors and national pavilions from around the world to showcase new and innovative solutions.  The next SOFEX will be held in September 2024.  U.S. companies interested in exhibiting or attending should contact the U.S. Commercial Service office at the U.S. Embassy in Amman.

Jordan also holds The Annual Warrior Competition – a combat-oriented competition that takes place at the King Abdullah II Special Operation Training Centre (KASOTC), an installation that specializes in counterterrorism, special operations, and irregular warfare tactics training. U.S. companies can participate to showcase their special forces and law enforcement products. 

Leading Sub-Sectors

Local market demand is driven by the commercial sector and the following segments:

1. Safety and Property Security Systems (infrastructure security):

  • CCTV and access controls
  • Fire protection systems and alarms
  • Automatic fire sprinklers
  • Fire detection and fighting systems
  • Bomb and metal detectors
  • X-ray and handheld scanners

2. Theft/Intrusion:

  • Intrusion, robbery, and burglary systems
  • Burglar and motion alarms
  • Vehicle anti-theft and tracking
  • Electronic and video surveillance (CCTV, GPS, IP network)
  • Alarm signaling equipment
  • Safes and vaults

3. Public Safety:

  • Detection instrumentation
  • Electrical signaling for safety and traffic control (e.g., roads, parking facilities, port installations and airfields)

4. Defense:

  • Border control surveillance equipment
  • Cybersecurity command and control centers
  • Telecommunication equipment
  • Military vehicles
  • Tactical equipment
  • Air Defense Systems
  • Counter Unmanned Aircraft Systems (C-UAS)
  • Human capital development
  • Logistic support
  • Combat arms
  • Air and ground mobility
  • CYBER Defense
  • Combat aircraft and helicopters


Jordanian authorities often favor American firms since the JAF receive substantial U.S. Foreign Military Financing (FMF), which requires equipment and solutions be purchased from U.S. vendors. Currently, the United States has $6.7 billion in active government-to-government sales cases with Jordan under the Foreign Military Sales (FMS) system.

Recent and significant FMS notifications to Congress include:  F-16 Block 70 aircraft; F-16 Air Combat Training Center; UH-60M Black Hawk helicopter and related equipment;  Advanced Field Artillery Tactical Data Systems; F-16 weapons, munitions, ground vehicles, jet engines and logistics support; High-Mobility Artillery Rocket Systems (HIMARS); Guided Multiple Launch Rocket Systems (GMLRS), and other multiple rocket launch systems; Heavy, Medium and Small Coastal Patrol Boats; as well as AMRAAM air-to-air and Javelin anti-tank missiles. Border Security Surveillance and Detection Systems; command and Control Equipment, Logistic Support Equipment, Infrastructure programs, Simulation Systems, and Training Aids equipment.


  • Jordan Armed Forces
  • Royal Jordanian Air Forces (RJAF)
  • General Directorate of Civil Defense
  • Public Security Directorate
  • General Intelligence Department
  • Defense Procurement Directorate
  • Jordan Design and Development Bureau (JODDB)
  • Special Operations Forces Exhibition & Conference (SOFEX)
  • AI Defense Technology and Cyber Security Exhibition and Conference (AIDTSEC)
  • King Abdullah II Special Operations Training Centre (KASOTC)

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