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Market Opportunities
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The government of El Salvador has placed a high priority on its digital transformation, both as a means of simplifying processes and procedures and expanding the benefits of digital services to the entire population. This creates opportunities for e-government services and products and digital-based solutions in healthcare, education, cybersecurity, and many other areas. In late August, Google Cloud and the government of El Salvador announced a seven-year agreement to support the country’s journey to become a technology hub in Central America. Google Cloud plans to establish a Google Cloud office, initiate a Google Distributed Cloud (GDC) instance for the country, and set up a Cloud Center of Excellence. On November 10, 2023, the U.S. Department of Commerce and the Minister of Economy of El Salvador issued a Joint Statement on Shared Digital Policy Priorities to expand upon this area of collaboration and opportunity for U.S. companies.

The government of El Salvador has also identified priority infrastructure projects: roads, bridges, hospitals, waste and treatment facilities, ports and airports, and logistics infrastructure. Other opportunities exist in nine growth sectors: specialized textiles and apparel, offshore business services, tourism, aeronautics, agro-industry, medical devices, light manufacturing, logistic and infrastructural networks, and healthcare services.

Based on trade statistics, market analysis, and interest from U.S. companies, the best prospects for U.S. exports include Agricultural Products, Education, Information Communications & Technology, and Medical Equipment. Additional information regarding specific market opportunities available to U.S. companies in the priority sectors listed above can be found in the Leading Sectors portion of the U.S. Exports and Investment chapters. Our specialists help U.S. companies identify public and private sector opportunities in these industries, and others in El Salvador. U.S. companies are encouraged to consult the CS El Salvador website for the complete list of industry sector specialists and contact details.