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Importers of halal meat and food products need prior approval from the Ministry of Religious Affairs. Prior to approval, inspection of the foreign plant facilities will be carried out by two officers from the Religious Affairs Department. Importers will bear travel costs, including accommodation. Currently, only selected approved plants in Australia, Malaysia, and India are accredited to supply halal beef.

Brunei imports live cattle from a Brunei-owned cattle ranch in Northern Australia for slaughter locally. Brunei claims to be 90 percent self-sufficient in poultry production. Halal certification for poultry is issued on strict compliance with slaughter methods set by the Ministry of Religious Affairs.

Importation of alcoholic beverages has been prohibited with minor exceptions for personal, private consumption by non-Muslims since 1991. Pork is consumed only by non-Muslims. There is no pork production in Brunei. Brunei imports fresh and frozen pork from the neighboring Malaysian state of Sarawak.

Halal Certificate and Halal Label Order 2005, and its Amendment Order 2017, address the issuance of halal certificates and halal labels for processed food, separation of food storage, and business premises.


Halal Certification Information

The Secretary

Board for Issuing Halal Import Permits

Ministry of Religious Affairs

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Brunei Darussalam

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Application for Halal Certificate