Brunei - Country Commercial Guide
Market Entry Strategy
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Brunei’s population—largely clustered around the capital Bandar Seri Begawan, with other population centers connected by a well-maintained highway system—provides a ready destination for U.S. exports with low transit costs once goods arrive in country. The relatively small population of Brunei is an asset in that products exported to the country, once established, may gain national prominence relatively quickly.


Market access and promotion strategies typically focused on cities may be applied with modification to enter the Brunei market. Firms that are able to export goods and services that will serve to increase the capacity of Bruneian enterprises and increase Bruneian employment will be particularly welcomed.


U.S. businesses should build personal relationships with local representatives and customers through regular visits or by establishing resident representation. U.S. companies can set up their subsidiary companies or branch offices in Brunei as private limited companies registered with the Registrar of Companies and Business Names.


Please note that throughout this report, except where otherwise noted, the following Brunei dollar/U.S. dollar exchange rates were used:


Table : Brunei Dollar/U.S. Dollar Exchange Rate 

Year       Exchange Rate

2018      1 USD = B$1.361

2019      1 USD = B$1.397

2020      1 USD = B$1.322

2021      1 USD = B$1.344

2022      1 USD = B$1.437


Current exchange rate information is available on the Internal Revenue Services’ website.