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Medical Equipment
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Brunei has a small but growing medical industry. Brunei’s Ministry of Health provides free health care services for its citizens. Brunei’s two major hospitals—Raja Isteri Pengiran Anak Saleha Hospital (RIPAS Hospital) and Jerudong Park Medical Center (JPMC)—are supplemented by two provincial hospitals, three district hospitals, and 16 smaller health posts.


Currently, Bruneians with the means to seek advanced medical services will travel to countries like Singapore and Thailand for private medical consultations. When the Brunei medical system is unable to provide specific services to Bruneian citizens locally, the government coordinates and pays for Bruneian citizens to be sent overseas for treatment. As Brunei’s young population ages and requires medical care, the medical industry in Brunei will be an important growth sector for Brunei’s economy.

Leading Sub-Sectors

  • Manufacturing laboratory instruments, test kits, and electromedical apparatus (including electronic hearing aids)
  • Medicines and medical consumables


A reported increase in patient demand for advanced medical devices and willingness to upgrade existing equipment has driven sales of new technology in recent years.


Brunei Government Contacts

Ministry of Health