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Customs Regulations
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Brunei’s customs legislation was amended to harmonize its tariff nomenclature, make customs-related information more readily available to traders and the public, align its laws with WTO agreements and intellectual property protections, and streamline appeals procedures. All imports into Brunei must be accompanied by:


•              A bill of lading/delivery order or airway bill;

•              Packing list;

•              Commercial invoice;

•              Three copies of the customs declaration form, which include the number of individual                packages;

•              Detailed description of the goods being imported; 

•              Gross and net weights or quantities of packages;

•              Value (both ‘free on board’ and ‘cost, insurance and freight’);

•              Place of shipment and destination; and

•              Country of origin.


The invoice must be signed by the exporter or seller. An importer can request BEDB to issue an exemption of duty determination. A certificate of origin may also be requested, which can be attained from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Required documents for customs declarations can now be submitted online via the e-customs system. Online payment services are available via the Brunei Darussalam National Single Window.


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Royal Customs & Excise Department

Ministry of Finance

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