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Labeling and Marking Requirements
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Under the Public Health (Food) Act (Chapter 182) and Public Health (Food) Regulations 2000, all food imported into the country must bear a label containing information including a list of ingredients, expiration date, and details of the local importer, distributor or agent. Printed expiry dates must not be less than three millimeters in height. Information on food labels is required to be labeled in a prominent and conspicuous position on the package.

Importation of food products that require date markings including food supplements are subject to “set requirements” as outlined by Public Health (Food) Regulation 2000. They are required to be registered with the Food Quality and Safety Control Division, Environmental Health Services, and Department of Health Services. Health supplements that contain ingredients that can be used therapeutically or contain any medical claims are required to be referred to the Department of Pharmaceutical Services for clearance.

The labeling requirement shall include:

  • Name of food
  • List of ingredients and their sources (including additives)
  • Net weight/volume
  • Date marking
  • Storage instruction
  • Name of country of origin
  • Name and address of the local importer for imported food/name and address of the manufacturer/packager in the case of a food of local origin

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