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Protecting Intellectual Property
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Your U.S. trademark registrations and patents will not necessarily protect you in Argentina. An IP Snapshot on Argentina and further general informatin can be found at One can submit a patent application or register a trademark before the National Institute of Industrial Property of Argentina (“INPI”). Companies should seek advice from local attorneys or IP consultants who are experts in Argentine law. In any foreign market, companies should consider several general principles for effective protection of their intellectual property. For background, link to our article on Protecting Intellectual Property. The United States Trade Representative (USTR) publishes an annual review of the state of intellectual property rights protection and enforcement. USTR has included Argentina on its Special 301 priority watch list for insufficient protection and enforcement of intellectual property rights since 1996. A 2015 resolution on biotechnology that limits the patentability of biotechnological innovations, and a 1973 seed law that enables free saved seed for Argentine producers, have limited U.S. companies’ ability to introduce new and innovative technologies into the Argentine market. The U.S. State Department’s Investment Climate Statement also contains information on the protection and enforcement of intellectual property rights in Argentina.  The U.S. Department of Commerce has a regional IP Attaché office based in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil who can provide advice and support to U.S. companies facing IPR issues in the region.  Additionally, one may contact ITA’s Office of Standards and Intellectual Property Rights (OSIP) Director, Stevan Mitchell at  

IP Attaché Contact for Argentina

David Kellis

Av. Presidente Wilson, 147, 4th floor

20030-020 - Rio de Janeiro - Brazil

Tel. +55 21-3823-2499