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Agricultural Sectors

This is a best prospect industry sector for this country. Includes a market overview and trade data.

Last published date: 2021-11-09

Agricultural Equipment  

Argentina has long-established local manufacturing of farm machinery and implements. The sector is composed of approximately 730 companies and was one of the first industries to develop in the country, due to agriculture’s predominant role in the economy. According to local statistics, domestic production of agricultural machinery and equipment accounts for around 80 percent of total demand. Local content requirements imposed by previous government administrations have led to the growth of local production of parts and components. This has caused multinationals to incorporate more than 50 percent local components into their manufactured equipment. Domestic production of seeders, sprayers, and tools is strong and competitive. Argentina maintains export taxes on most exports of goods and services. Since 2008, Argentina has applied additional percentage-based export taxes on a range of products, including soybeans, soy meal, and soy oil. In addition, some products, such as beef and wheat, face export quotas. Economic instability and currency swings have continued to provide additional challenges to the farming sector in Argentina. 

High inflation, increased input costs, export taxes, logistical costs, and the impact of COVID-19 on the local economy discourage investments in agricultural machinery. The government is working on a 10-year project called the National Promotion of Investment and Agricultural Exports to increase the volume of exports by approximately 35 percent and create new jobs for the sector. The plan could result in business opportunities for U.S. exporters.   

Sub-Sector Best Prospects 

AgTech and BioTech:  The Argentine market needs to improve the incorporation of technology in the sector, focusing on traceability of production, as well as products and services that will improve good environmental practices.                                                                 

Irrigation Equipment:   The local market for irrigation systems has been growing in recent years due to the increased amount of Argentine farmland dedicated to row crops.  Currently, 5.6 million acres (representing around 7 percent of farmland) are under irrigation. The Argentine government has made an effort to increase existing irrigated areas by 28 percent.  

Parts and Components:   Annual sales in this subsector currently represent about 12 percent of the total market, with a large number of national products. There are opportunities for technologies ranging from precision agriculture to key electronic components for manufacturing domestic equipment. 


Products offering cost savings and best practices are in great demand, as are those that improve the quality of agricultural machinery. Information technology services and products for the agriculture sector are highly sought-after. There is a potential market for innovative products and machinery such as cleaner engines that reduce air pollution. Distribution agreements, joint ventures with domestic manufacturers, and licensing are potential options, but U.S. firms should choose their partners carefully given that protection of intellectual property is a continuing challenge for international firms defending their patented foreign designs.  

In terms of importing used and remanufactured/reconditioned equipment, please contact Elizabet Simon, Industry Specialist.  Prospects are evaluated on a case-by-case basis due to import restrictions.    


The best way to familiarize a potential local partner or buyer with a U.S. company’s product line is to exhibit in local trade shows, the largest one being Expoagro. Advertising of specific products, parts, and equipment is normally done through web-based specialized publications: 

Agritotal - Revista Chacra (Spanish) 

Infortambo (Spanish) 

Revista Super Campo (Spanish) 

For additional information on this industry, including market analysis, trade events, contacts, and the products and services that the U.S. Commercial Service can provide to help you succeed in the Argentine market, please contact Elizabet Simon, Industry Specialist