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Argentina’s overall infrastructure and construction sectors experienced a strong contraction during the pandemic, though residential construction is slowly beginning to recover.

The Inter-American Development Bank and World Bank have committed funding for new roads, rail, ports, and utilities under Argentina’s previous administration, however, there has been a shift in infrastructure priorities by sector and scalability. The Argentine government plays a prominent role in the infrastructure sector. In the short term, the current administration is reportedly focused on small-scale infrastructure projects – in the $20 million range – featuring opportunities for local companies in an effort to create local jobs, as well as other projects tendered and awarded under the previous administration. Public works priority areas include social housing, ports, roads, rail, and waterworks.  Top government priority projects include the construction of pipelines for hydrocarbon transport, railway modernization, and expansion of existing power transmission lines, as well as mining sector-related logistics infrastructure.


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Government of Argentina – Trains (Spanish)

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