Argentina - Country Commercial Guide
Market Opportunities
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long-term prospects for Argentina’s shale gas and oil development will continue to drive investment in the Neuquen Basin, home to Vaca Muerta. Offshore exploration opportunities are likely to arise in the medium/long term.


Argentina features an ambitious mining plan aiming at increasing exports over the next decade, particularly in copper, lithium, gold, and silver. Argentina’s mining sector presents a reliable legal and tax framework, which features incentives for industry development. 


While the current elevated country risk and scarce access to financing have put several projects on hold, the government continues to explore ways in which it can fund much-needed critical infrastructure projects. The government of Argentina has identified priority projects, which include the construction of pipelines for hydrocarbon transport, railway modernization, and expansion of existing power transmission lines, as well as mining sector-related logistics infrastructure.

Agricultural Technology and Machinery

High international commodity prices, government plans to boost agricultural exports, and strong international demand point to an increase in production, exports, and investment in the sector.

ICT and Cybersecurity

The Government of Argentina’s digital agenda for 2020-2023 is laid out in the ConectAR plan. The approximately $105 million plan is focused on four areas: expanding fiber optic networks, developing a national data center, improving the satellite system, and enhancing digital television service; as well as cybersecurity training and implementation.

Healthcare Technology

The Government of Argentina’s health agenda is focused on improving primary healthcare, controlling communicable and immuno-preventable diseases, containing costs, and expanding accessibility. The market will increase in the medium term by a recovery of medical procedures post-pandemic, an ageing population, the incidence of chronic diseases, and the use of digital health.