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The Women's Global Trade Empowerment program is the International Trade Administration's premiere resource for women entrepreneurs who wish to boldly grow their business into new markets.

Women Empowered Leave Legacies through Trade and Investment

WELLTI Resource Library

Where should I start? You can find step-by-step guidance below and you can start by contacting one of our 100+ U.S. Export Assistance Centers throughout the United States. Simply type your zip code into the search function at trade.gov/commercial-service-offices-us and find your local export assistance specialist.

WELLTI Static Cards

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How to export? Exporting 101
Department of Commerce step-by-step guidance on how you can get your products and services exported abroad.
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Where to export? Market Intelligence
Department of Commerce Market Intelligence and Research on markets and export opportunities across the globe.
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How can we help? Our services
Department of Commerce products and services that help export ready American companies, from due diligence on potential partners to one-on-one matchmaking assistances.
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Upcoming WELLTI Events
For more information on WELLTI and its upcoming activities please contact Karen.Burress@trade.gov