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The Future of Electric Vehicles & Trends in Turkey
The Future of Electric Vehicles and Trends in Turkey Webinar to highlight EV opportunities and developments in Turkey
Date: April 27, 2021
Time: 9:30 a.m. – 11:40 a.m. EST / 16:30 - 18:40 Turkey time

Turkey Events - The Future of Electric Vehicles and Trends in Turkey Webinar

Turkey’s geographic location as well as its Customs Union agreement with the European Union make it an ideal hub for automotive manufacturers seeking to penetrate markets in Europe, Central Asia and the Middle East. Turkey is the 15th largest automotive manufacturer in the world and 5th largest in Europe. The automotive industry employs more than 500,000 people, and it is a production, export, and engineering hub of global brands for international markets.

Many international vehicle OEMs manufacture in Turkey. Currently, there are 16 automotive manufacturing companies, including global brands such as Ford, Fiat, Honda, Hyundai, Renault, Toyota and Mercedes-Benz. These OEMs are manufacturing various types of vehicles through joint ventures, direct investment, or license agreements. Local companies play an important role in all facets of Turkey’s auto industry.

Automotive firms such as Ford have significant manufacturing facilities in Turkey and are investing in electric vehicle production. Additionally, Turkey’s homegrown fully electric automotive brand TOGG plans to launch an electric C-segment SUV in early 2023. New investments such as these are expected to increase demand in Turkey for related technologies used in these manufacturing facilities as well as OEM and aftermarket EV auto parts and accessories.

EV Best Prospects:

  • Sensors for EVs
  • On-Board Charging
  • Battery Modules
  • Battery Control Units
  • Drive Train Systems
  • EV Engines

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The Future of Electric Vehicles and Trends in Turkey Webinar