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Professional Services Markets: Canada
Explore opportunities and challenges for professional services exports in the Canadian market.

Professional Services Research - Canada

Canada as a destination for U.S. professional services exports

The Professional and Business Services (PBS) team at ITA provides research and analysis on overseas market-specific opportunities for U.S. service providers. These reports review one market in particular: Canada.

Canada is an important export destination for the U.S. professional services sector, with U.S. exports in this industry reaching $11.4 billion in 2020. The cultural and linguistic similarities between Canada and the United States bring familiarity and ease to trade between businesses across the border. However, certain sectors of the Canadian professional services market have restrictions on imports from the United States. 

Explore the reports below for additional information on the market for U.S. professional services providers in Canada, including opportunities and challenges for exporters to be aware of. 

Reports on Canadian Professional Services Market

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Architecture, Engineering, and Construction Trade with Canada
Learn about the Canadian market for architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) services. Explore deep dives on trade, market trends, and potential opportunities in all three sectors.
Legal Services Trade with Canada
Gain insights into the Canadian legal system, as well as challenges and opportunities faced by U.S. lawyers and law firms practicing in Canada.
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Accounting Services Trade with Canada
Learn about opportunities for U.S. accounting services in Canada, including mutual recognition, as well as recent trends in accounting services trade.
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Consulting Services Trade with Canada
Review the latest data and trends on U.S. consulting services in Canada, as well as opportunities for U.S. consultants under the U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA).
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Overall Professional Services Trade with Canada
Learn about the opportunities and challenges facing U.S. professional and business services providers as a whole in Canada.
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Education Trade with Canada
Gain insights on the education market in Canada. Learn about opportunities and challenges for U.S. education service providers to engage with institutions and students across the border.

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