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Market Development Cooperator Program
Get Up to $300,000 for Your Export Development Project!

MDCP Application Worksheets

ITA’s 2022 MDCP Competition Closed on May 13.

ITA plans to announce the winners of the 2022 MDCP awards in September. The next MDCP competition is expected to launch in February 2023. It’s not too early to start working on project ideas for the 2023 competition.

MDCP Application Worksheets

It’s never too early to start working on projects for the 2023 competition!

The Federal grant application process can be daunting, especially to first-time applicants. Our goal is to help you submit a successful MDCP application. 

If you have not done so, we highly recommend that you meet with our MDCP team so we can help you verify your organization’s eligibility, brainstorm project ideas and go over details related to the application process.

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The MDCP application involves 3 steps.

  1. Register on - this is required of all applicants for Federal financial assistance
  2. Create your Project Narrative (application Part A) and Budget (application Part B)  referring to the guide in the accordion below. 
  3. Complete additional forms and submit the entire application on

Below you will find documents to help guide you through the project narrative (Part A) and the budget (Part B) of the application. These are setup for “BARE”, a fictional applicant. Downloading and using these documents as guides or templates can help you prepare Parts A & B before submitting them on

Page limit: 12, including executive summary page

In the Project Narrative, Part A, you describe your project and why it will generate U.S. exports.

Here is an example Part A Project Narrative for BARE, a fictional MDCP applicant.

For most applications, Part B (Budget) is most logically divided into three sections:

Section 1 of Part B is the budget narrative.

Page limit: 10

This section is the most error-prone of the application. The Excel file below allows you to create the budget for the proposed project through a series of linked worksheets. Information specific to your project is identified in green type. Replace the example information with your own. Add rows where needed. Your entered information will populate the last two worksheets in the Excel file. These are mockups of Standard Forms 424 and 424A.

You can include all of these worksheets in Part B, Section 1 (Budget) of what you upload in But you will also need to submit an SF-424 and an SF-424A separately in Step 3. will not recognize forms unless they are separately submitted as pdf forms in Step 3. So you will need to transcribe the information that appears on your mockup SF-424 and SF-424A worksheets in your Excel file.

It may appear to be unnecessary to do it this way, but MDCP applicants who use the Excel file and then transcribe from there to the pdf SF-424 and SF-424A required on avoid a lot of errors. 

Special note regarding required match: The example budget below shows how to structure the matching resources you are required to pledge. The federal share, the MDCP award, can account for no more than 33% of your total project budget. But your required match can be a mix of both cash and in-kind contribution. This match requirement is not actually as onerous as it may first appear to be. For more details, visit our Cooperator Tools page. Scroll down to “Program Income Claimed as Cash Match Only if Value Added” section.

Section 2 of Part B is the Financial Statements attachments.

Page limit: 20

When you are ready to upload your application on you will save a pdf of your most recent audited financial statements or equivalent in a separate file. will automatically refer to it as a budget attachment, which is why we consider it to be in Part B, Budget. But you will upload it as a separate file. See the example below.

Section 3 of Part B is other attachments.

Page limit: 10 will automatically refer to it as a budget attachment, which is why we consider it to be in Part B, Budget. But it should include all of your attachments. Basically, everything that you do not submit in Part A, Part B/Section 1, Part B/Section 2, or Step 3 of the application should go in Part B/Section 3. Documents you include here are NOT limited only to those that pertain directly to your budget. 


Page limit: 10

Find the required forms at In the search tab in the top right of the homepage, type “MDCP”. There should be only one result. Open the entry for Market Development Cooperator Program and find the forms. You can complete them and upload the completed forms at

Prepare Parts A and B before you attempt to complete the forms at You won’t have all the information you need for the forms until you prepare your project narrative (Part A) and budget (Part B).

Trouble with

For assistance, click on “help” at the top right of We at ITA cannot help you with But if it is May 13, the deadline, and you are not able to upload and submit via, you can just email your application to us directly at any of these addresses:,, or

If you cannot submit via and have trouble finding the required forms: SF-424, SF-424A, SF-424B, and CD-511, navigate to this page, where you should be able to download forms and save them on your own device. Don’t forget to have the same authorized representative sign all forms that require a signature: SF-424, SF-424B, and CD-511. If you have trouble with e-signing, you can scan a form that was signed manually and submit it as a pdf or image file.