France - Country Commercial Guide
Market Entry Strategy

Generalizes on the best strategy to enter the market, e.g., visiting the country; importance of relationships to finding a good partner; use of agents.

Last published date: 2021-03-04

In general, the commercial environment in France is favorable for sales of U.S. goods and services. Marketing products and services in France is similar to the approach in the United States, notwithstanding some significant cultural differences and certain legal and regulatory restrictions. While French buyers can be receptive to new and innovative products, there is a tendency to stick with known local suppliers. Competition can be fierce but local partners are readily available in most sectors and product lines. U.S. companies should be prepared to invest marketing resources in launching a new brand or product in France.

Like in many European countries, traditional distribution channels are being disrupted by new players in the digital and sharing economy.  Many U.S. firms are doing well in this space, as well as a growing number of local competitors.

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