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There are significant market opportunities for consumer food/edible fishery products in a number of areas such as fruit juices and soft drinks (including flavored spring waters), dried fruits and nuts, fresh fruits and vegetables (particularly tropical and exotic), frozen foods (both ready-to-eat meals and specialty products), snack foods, tree nuts, “ethnic” products, seafood (particularly salmon and surimi), innovative dietetic and health products, organic products, soups, breakfast cereals, and pet foods. In addition, niche markets exist for candies, chocolate bars, wild rice, kosher, and halal foods. Market opportunities for U.S. exporters also exist for oilseeds, protein meals and other feeds, as well as for wood products and grains.

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See the six consumer-oriented food products considered by the Office of Agricultural Affairs as representing the “best prospects” for U.S. business in France at:

USDA France: Market information

Contact: U.S. Embassy France - Foreign Agricultural Service Marketing Specialist  - Tel: (+33) 1 43 12 22 45 & Cell: (+33) 6 86 20 46 52

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