France - Country Commercial Guide
Market Opportunities

Overview of best prospect sectors, major infrastructure projects, significant government procurements and business opportunities.

Last published date: 2021-03-04

France welcomes foreign investment and has a stable business climate that attracts investors from around the world.  The French government devotes significant resources to attracting foreign investment through policy incentives, marketing, overseas trade promotion offices, and investor support mechanisms.  France has an educated population, well regarded universities, and a talented workforce.  It has a modern business culture, sophisticated financial markets, a strong intellectual property rights regime, and innovative business leaders.  The country is known for its world-class infrastructure, including high-speed passenger rail, maritime ports, extensive roadway networks, public transportation, and efficient intermodal connections. High-speed (3G/4G) telephony is nearly ubiquitous.  Moreover, France is an economically developed nation with a large, diverse and sophisticated consumer base. While manufacturing has declined as a percentage of GDP, many of France’s remaining industries, such as aerospace and pharmaceuticals, are still world leaders and receptive to foreign partners and suppliers.  Its comparatively affluent populace is a leading consumer of services, particularly in the digital, educational and travel sectors. 

Opportunities for U.S. exporters with innovative products can be found in a wide range of sectors, including aerospace, food products, pharmaceuticals, microelectronics, logistics, and healthcare equipment.  Call centers, biotechnology, telecommunications, information and communication technology, E-commerce, E-mobility, Advanced manufacturing, smart cities and environment are other sectors with high potential.  The French market for food products is mature, sophisticated, and well served by suppliers from around the world.  Younger environmentally-conscious consumers, and changing lifestyles contribute to France’s import demand for American consumer and food products.  A full report, prepared by the US Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) Foreign Agricultural Service for U.S. exporters of food products can be viewed at: