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Market Opportunities
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France is an economically refined nation with a large, diverse, and sophisticated consumer base.  While manufacturing has declined as a percentage of GDP, many of France’s remaining industries, such as aerospace and pharmaceuticals, are still world leaders and receptive to foreign partners and suppliers.  Its comparatively affluent populace is a leading consumer of services, particularly in the digital, educational, and travel sectors.  There are opportunities for U.S. exporters with innovative products in various sectors, including aerospace, food products, pharmaceuticals, renewable energy technologies, microelectronics, logistics, and healthcare equipment.  Call centers, biotechnology, telecommunications, information and communication technology, e-commerce, e-mobility, advanced manufacturing, smart cities, and the environment are other high potential sectors.  The French market for food products is mature, sophisticated, and well served by suppliers worldwide.  Younger environmentally-conscious consumers and changing lifestyles contribute to France’s import demand for American consumer and food products. A full report, prepared by the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) Foreign Agricultural Service for U.S. exporters of food products can be viewed at: