Uganda - Country Commercial Guide
Customs Regulations

Includes customs regulations and contact information for this country’s customs office.

Last published date: 2022-08-15

Uganda requires meat and poultry importers to obtain a “Sanitary Import Permit” from the Director of Veterinary Services before clearing these items through customs.

Export Regulations

Free export of a reasonable quantity of tobacco and/or tobacco products, alcoholic beverages, and perfume is allowed.  A special permit for game trophies is required.  Please note the export of any animal product suspected of originating from game parks requires the approval of the Uganda Wildlife Authority.

Airport Embarkation Tax

No airport tax is levied on passengers upon embarking at the airport.

Currency Import Regulations

Foreign currencies:  There is no limit on the amount of foreign currency a traveler can bring into Uganda, provided he/she declares the currency upon arrival.

Currency Export Regulations

Foreign currencies:  Travelers are free to export foreign currency up to the amount imported and declared on arrival.


Customs Commissioner

Plot M193/M194, Nakawa Industrial Area,

P.O. Box 7279, Kampala, Uganda

(256) 41-7440000


For information on Ugandan customs statutes and regulations, please contact the Uganda Revenue Authority.


Please visit EACU for additional information, including the common external tariff, internal tariffs, rules of origin, and the Customs Management Act.