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Uganda’s infrastructure needs remain substantial.  With a 10% annual growth rate in car ownership, Uganda’s road network is seriously overburdened, especially in and around cities.  Furthermore, Uganda’s roads are poorly maintained, making transportation costly and dangerous.  There is ongoing expansion of the Entebbe International Airport, although work is at least two-years behind schedule.  The Kabalega International Airport in the oil rich Albertine Graben region, which will be the country’s second international airport, is expected to be completed in 2023, nearly a one-year delay from the first projection.  Uganda also faces an eight-million-unit housing shortage according to the Uganda National Planning Authority.  With an estimated 300,000 housing units needed per year, commercial construction and residential construction in Uganda are booming.  The government allocated 8.5% of its 2023/24 budget to transport and infrastructure.  Uganda has no domestic production of the equipment needed to develop large-scale infrastructure projects.  Additionally, Uganda’s growing industries and service providers badly need larger and more modern sites, such as industrial zones, in which to operate. 


Uganda needs effective project management services.  The Uganda National Oil Company (UNOC) is also seeking investors for its 30-square kilometer Kabalega Industrial Park, which will include the 60,000 barrel per day oil refinery, upstream crude oil export hub, and Kabalega International Airport.  All these projects will be developed as independent projects.  The government is seeking strategic partnerships with investors to offer managerial, technical, and financial services required for the development of Kabaale Industrial Park.  For more information please visit:

The Ministry of Works and Transportation also is seeking investors in the following construction projects:

  • Public-Private-Partnership construction of the following national roads: Kampala – Busunju (50 km); Kampala – Bombo (30 km); Kampala outer beltway (120 km); suspension toll-bridge between Buwaya Landing Site and Nakiwogo; Jinja – Malaba Expressway (200kms)
  • Construction of inland ports
  • Public-private partnership for construction material factories


World Bank Projects in Uganda

African Development Bank Projects in Uganda 

East African Development Bank Projects