Turkmenistan - Country Commercial Guide
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Large scale reforms to improve infrastructure in the road, railway, maritime, and air transportation sectors of Turkmenistan are underway, including a new six lane super highway across Turkmenistan connecting Uzbekistan to the Caspian Sea, and upgrades to railways with the support of the Asian Development Bank (ADB).

In May 2018, Turkmenistan completed the expansion of the international seaport in Turkmenbashy on the Caspian Sea shore. The new port includes ferry, passenger, and container terminals, as well as ship repair facilities. These new services are intended to increase cargo traffic in the region. The new port has a total annual capacity of 17 million tons of dry cargo, 300,000 passengers, and 75,000 vehicles.

Turkmenistan is seeking to become a logistics hub and transport corridor, both North-South and East-West.

Leading Sub-Sectors

Road, railways, ports, and airports 


Construction and maintenance consultation services, specialized transportation machinery, earth moving equipment, and solutions to create logistics centers.  Road construction, airport navigation equipment, specialized machinery for transporting commodities, as well as garbage trucks, street cleaners, and construction equipment and vehicles.