Turkmenistan - Country Commercial Guide
Market Opportunities
Last published date:
  • The hydrocarbon sector is the country’s largest industry. The government has plans to attract foreign technology and investment to the chemical and petrochemical industries. 
  • Turkmenistan has committed to reducing methane emissions from the oil and gas sector, which are among the highest in the world, offering an opportunity to companies providing related products or services. 
  • With development of new gas and oil fields and the rehabilitation of existing fields, there is a need for new pipeline networks and related infrastructure, such as compressor stations. 
  • The government has ambitious plans to build new transportation infrastructure including road, rail and sea routes. 
  • The agriculture section has undergone some privatization and is diversifying crops, as well as seeking more efficient irrigation methods. 
  • Water management in general is becoming increasingly important and there is increased interest in developing water managagement projects and related initiatives.