Turkmenistan - Country Commercial Guide
Market Opportunities

Overview of best prospect sectors, major infrastructure projects, significant government procurements, and business opportunities.

Last published date: 2022-08-08
  • The hydrocarbon sector is the country’s largest industry and world energy prices are high. The government has plans to attract foreign technology and investment to the chemical and petrochemical industries. 


  • Turkmenistan has committed to reducing methane emissions from the oil and gas sector, which are among the highest in the world, and will require new technology and investments. 


  • With development of new gas and oil fields and the rehabilitation of existing  fields, there is a need for new pipeline networks and related infrastructure, such as compressor stations. 


  • The government has ambitious plans to build new transportation infrastructure including road, rail and sea routes. 


  • Turkmenistan has announced plans to diversify its agriculture sector, including replacing the planting of several thousand hectares of water intensive cotton with vegetables.  Large scale greenhouses growing tomatoes and other crops, largely for export and heated by inexpensive natural gas in winter, are a rapidly growing industry.  Modern irrigation technologies and other agricultural products could be in demand. 


  • Manufacturing, mostly of consumer goods meant to replace imports, but often with the majority of production being exported, is also a growing sector and private business owners regularly seek high quality western factory equipment for automation.