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Taiwan is the United States’ sixth-largest export market for U.S. food and agricultural products. In 2022, Taiwan imported $4.4 billion in U.S. bulk, consumer-oriented, and related agricultural products. For information on exporting and marketing U.S. food and agricultural products in the Taiwan market, please see the report prepared by the USDA Foreign Agricultural Service Global Agricultural Information Network (GAIN) report TW2022-0065 Exporter Guide. Additional reports on Taiwan and other markets can be found on the GAIN webpage. 

Taiwan is heavily dependent on imported food and agricultural products due to limited arable land and a small agricultural sector. For example, livestock producers rely on imported animal feed products and consumers seek out higher end fresh fruits, beef, dairy, and tree nuts. Moreover, the United States is seen as a culinary trend setter. Taiwan buyers have a high per capita purchasing power and place strong emphasis on product claims, such as health benefits. Recently, e-retail has become an increasingly important platform for a variety of products, including food. Taiwan is a very technology and social media savvy environment, and anyone seeking to do business in the market would be advised to consider a digital marketing strategy. While importers remain price sensitive, they also see the United States as a sought-after, reliable market partner and generally engage in transparent, dependable business practices. 

U.S. exporters interested in the Taiwan market may contact the Agricultural Trade Office in Taipei (atotaipei@state.gov). For any questions regarding trade policy, tariffs, or market access, please contact the Agricultural Section in Taiwan (agtaipei@state.gov). Additional information on the Taiwan market may gained by contacting the U.S. State Departments of Agriculture (https://www.nasda.org/) or appropriate State Regional Trade Group. 

While the ATO Taipei maintains a list of potential importers, it is highly recommended to visit the market and meet in-person with potential buyers. One opportunity to do so is the USA Pavilion at the Taipei International Food Show, which takes place annually in June. Please contact the ATO Taipei for more information on that event and other opportunities for U.S. agricultural products in the Taiwan market. 


American Institute in Taiwan – Agricultural Section No 100 Jin Hu Rd, Neihu District, Taipei, Taiwan 114 

Agricultural Office 

Tel: +886-(2)-2162-2316 

E-mail: agtaipei@state.gov 


Agricultural Trade Office Taipei (ATO) Tel: +886-(2)-2162-2682 

E-mail: atotaipei@state.gov 

Internet Homepage: https://www.facebook.com/unitedtastes.intaiwan 


USDA Animal Plant and Health Inspection Service Seoul (APHIS) Tel: +886-(2)-2162-2216 

E-mail: yen-chi.chen@aphis.usda.gov 

Internet Homepage: https://www.aphis.usda.gov 

Additional Resources 

The Foreign Agricultural Service (FAS) website offers the following resources for U.S. exporters: 

  • Official data on agriculture trade for specific products and commodities. 
  • GAIN Reports on international food and agricultural markets. 
  • FAS services for U.S. exporters and information on USDA market development programs.
  • The USDA website lists current agricultural export requirements for Taiwan. 

For additional information on the Taiwan market for food and agricultural products or to exhibit in the USA Pavilion at the Taipei International Food Show, please contact AIT’s Agricultural Trade Office at: ATOTaipei@usda.gov.