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The size of the automotive market in Lebanon almost doubled in 2022, with total imports valued at nearly $2 billion compared to $1.1 billion in 2021, according to Lebanese Customs.  U.S. automotive exports to Lebanon increased by 50 percent in 2022 to reach $464 million, representing 23 percent of total Lebanese automotive imports.  The automotive market includes new cars, used cars, and automotive spare parts.  The 2022 increase from 2021 is the result of the expectation that the government would increase import tariffs during 2022.  Consequently, importers rushed to stock imported cars before the new tariffs took effect.  The government increased tariffs in May 2023.   

Table 2: Automotive Chart

 202120222023 (Estimate)2024 (Projection)
Total Local Production0000
Total Exports$67 million$45 million$44 million$44 million
Total Imports$1,122 million$1,999 million$813 million$813 million
Imports from the US$307 million$464 million$178 million$178 million
Total Market Size$1,055 million$ 1,954 million$769 million$769 million
Exchange RatesLBP15,000LBP15,000LBP15,000LBP15,000

(Total market size = (total local production + imports) - exports)
Units: $ U.S. Dollars, LBP Lebanese Pounds
Source: Lebanese Customs statistics – Section 17 for 2021-2022 data; local importers for 2023-2024 data

Leading Sub-Sectors

Lebanese consumers continue to favor more affordable used cars rather than new cars.  Some industry analysts predict demand for electric and hybrid cars will increase given increasing gas prices.   Demand for U.S.-made Sport-Utility Vehicles (SUVs) will persist because of their ability to withstand poor road quality conditions throughout the country, competitive price, high quality, and long record of success in the market.  Moreover, demand for U.S. automotive parts such as brakes, clutches, engine lubricants, and safety accessories will continue because of the demonstrated quality advantage of U.S. parts as compared to foreign competitors.


The U.S. Commercial Service provides a wide range of services, including Gold Key Service (GKS) and International Partner Search (IPS), which help U.S. companies explore and identify opportunities in Lebanon.  Moreover, the U.S. Commercial Service organizes events and exhibitions to promote U.S. products and services in Beirut.


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Contact for the Commercial Section that covers the automotive sector: Jeanine Sabaji, Commercial Assistant, Email: Jeanine Sabaji@trade.gov.