Lebanon - Country Commercial Guide
Prohibited & Restricted Imports
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Strictly prohibited imports include the following:

  • Cedar seeds and seedlings (to protect Lebanese cedar species)
  • Chemical additives used in bread making (health measure)
  • Table salt not containing iodine (health measure)
  • Waste/slag/ash/scrap of many chemical, mineral, and metal products (environmental measure)
  • Clinker and black cement (protection of local industry)
  • Passenger vehicles older than eight years and transport vehicles older than five years (environmental measure)
  • Used medical and radiological apparatuses (health measure)
  • Gas-fueled pocket lighters (safety measure)
  • Wireless phone sets that function on the 900-Megahertz bandwidth (technical measure)
  • Goods bearing false marks and labels indicating their origin (intellectual property)
  • Goods manufactured in or originating from Israel (Arab Boycott measure)

Monopolized and restricted goods must be treated similarly to prohibited goods upon import and export. Such goods will be seized whenever a license, permit, or any other legal document is not attached or whenever irrelevant documents are attached.