Lebanon - Country Commercial Guide
Customs Regulations
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Lebanon employs a harmonized tariff schedule for the valuation of goods and the levying of customs duties.  In 2018, the Higher Council of Customs proposed a reform strategy to improve operations, although this has not been implemented.  The reforms focus on: 1) simplifying procedures, 2) accepting e-payments, 3) enhancing electronic data entry, and 4) establishing an online single window for coordinated service with all of Lebanon’s border agencies.  When fully implemented, users will be able to register online, as well as assess and pay declarations directly from their bank accounts.  Local customs agents may assist exporters in navigating the clearance process.

For further information on customs procedures, please refer to the Lebanese Customs Administration’s website at http://www.customs.gov.lb/.

Key contacts:

General Directorate of Customs

Beirut, Lebanon

Tel: 961-1-980060/1/2/3

Higher Council for Customs

Beirut, Lebanon

Tel: 961-1-988510/1