Guyana - Country Commercial Guide
Prohibited and Restricted Imports
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Reason for Prohibition/Restriction

Import Prohibitions


Counterfeit and substandard coins

Public order

Food unsuitable for human consumption

Public Health

Indecent printed articles

Public Morality

Infected cattle, sheep or other animals, or their carcasses, hides, skins, horns, hoofs, and other parts

To prevent the introduction or spread of any communicable disease

Matches containing white and yellow phosphorus 

Technical regulation (health regulations)

Goods that, if sold, would be liable to forfeiture under the Merchandise Marks Act, and goods manufactured outside Guyana that do not carry an indication of the country in which they were made (unless deemed otherwise by the Commissioner General of the GRA)

Trademarks legislation

Prepared opium and pipes

Public health

Shaving brushes manufactured in or exported from Japan

Technical regulation (due to past cases of tetanus)

Fictitious stamps and any dye, plate, instrument, or materials capable of making any such stamps

Public order

Goods the importation of which is prohibited by any other Law of Guyana


Restricted Imports


Arms and ammunition, except with the written permission of the Commissioner of Police

Public safety


Cocaine, heroin, cannabis, cannabis inca, choras, and preparations thereof, except under license of the Chief Medical Officer

Public health

Imitation banknotes, unless with the approval of the Commissioner-General

Public order

Spirits and wine, unless in aircraft or in ships of 27.3 tons burden at least, and in casks or other vessels of 41 liters at least, or in glass or stone bottles packed in cases, or in demijohn, each case of demijohn containing not less than 41 liters

Prevention of smuggling

Tobacco, cigars, cigarillos or cigarettes unless in aircraft or in ships of 90.1-ton burden at least and in whole and complete packages each containing not less than 9.1 kg.  net weight

Prevention of smuggling

Tobacco extracts, essences or other concentrations of tobacco, or any admixture thereof, tobacco stalks and tobacco stalk flour except under such conditions as the Commissioner-General with approval of the Minister may allow

Prevention of smuggling

Goods the importation of which is regulated by any other law of Guyana


Exotic fish, except with license by the Chief Agricultural Officer

Sanitary reasons (to protect local fish from imported diseases)

Cinematographic films, unless the Minister responsible for public order and morality issues to the importer a certificate of importation

Public order and morality

Printed matter considered by the Minister responsible for public safety and order, to be prejudicial to the defense of Guyana, public safety, or public order

Public safety and order

Certain vehicles imported by a Guyanese citizen returning home or a person importing or receiving the vehicle as a gift from overseas.  Importers may not sell, dispose of or transfer the vehicle within three years of the date of importation.  Certain conditions are also attached to gifts.

Tax exemptions