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Business Customs: 

U.S. businesspeople should take the time to develop a close relationship with their agent, representative, distributor, or other business partner. Guyanese business customs are generally friendly and prefer meeting face-to-face establish a relationship. Visitors should consider providing business cards and wearing business clothing, but due to the tropical climate, ties are optional in many settings.  Sectors such as government, law, banking, and others still use ties regularly. It is common at the end of a deal for Guyanese to invite business partners for dinner or drinks.

Contacts and introductions are important. Therefore, it is advisable to use the services of the U.S. Commercial Service at the U.S. Embassy in Georgetown, as well as other organizations such as the American Chamber of Commerce, industry associations, and other intermediaries, for introductions to potential business partners and customers. The U.S. Commercial Service in Georgetown offers services such as the “Gold Key” to meet with potential business partners.

Travel Advisory: 

When considering a visit to Guyana, please consider enrolling in the STEP program and check your U.S. Embassy travel advisory.

Visa requirements:

U.S. citizens do not require a visa to enter Guyana.

Currency:  Guyana’s local currency is the Guyanese Dollar. Guyana’s currency remains relatively stable, and Guyana’s foreign exchange midrate remained unchanged in 2022 at GYD $208.5 to USD $1. U.S. dollars are exchanged at cambios and banks. Most large businesses accept credit and debit cards.  

Telecommunications/Electronics:  Telecommunication in Georgetown runs at 4G, with cellular coverage decreasing in the interior. Similarly, internet accessibility in the capital city remains solid but becomes intermittent in outlying areas.  Most hotels offer Wi-Fi.

Electric Current:

The electric current in Guyana is AC 110-120 volts with electric plug configurations are usually the U.S. standard type.

Transportation: The U.S. carriers flying to Guyana include American Airlines and JetBlue from Miami and New York.  Air travel within the region is available, though limited, with carriers such as Caribbean Airlines providing flights to other Caribbean and surrounding countries.  Ground transportation options are available. Companies are encouraged to use an established logistics firm for their goods.  For personal travel, American’s are encouraged to arrange a local taxi service through their hotel prior to arrival. Reputable taxi companies can provide multiday transport services if needed. While there are local ride sharing apps, though they are often unreliable due to lack of drivers. Visitors are strongly discouraged from using local bus services or walking alone.


Guyana is the only English-speaking country in South America.


Sanitary conditions in Guyana vary.  Tap water is not potable therefore, bottled water is recommended.  Basic health services are readily available, but travelers often medevac for more serious health issues.  For more information on recommended vaccinations and other health precautions prior to visiting Guyana, please visit the Center for Disease Control Traveler Health page .

Local time, business hours, and holidays: Guyana follows Eastern Daylight time. Business hours are usually 8 am to 4pm. On Fridays Government agencies close at 3pm. Banks close to the public at 2pm daily. Work weeks are Monday to Friday.

Guyanese National Holidays for 2024


Date                     Day                       Holiday

1 January             Monday                New Year’s Day

23 February         Friday                   Republic Day

25 March             Monday                Holi

29 March             Friday                   Good Friday

1 April                  Monday                Easter Monday

1 May                   Wednesday          Labor Day

5 May                   Sunday                 Arrival Day

6 May                   Monday                Arrival Day Holiday Observed

26 May                 Sunday                 Independence Day

27 May                 Monday                Independence Day Holiday Observed

17 June                 Monday                Eid al-Adha

1 July                   Monday                CARICOM Day

1 August              Thursday              Emancipation Day

16 September      Monday                Youman Nabi

31 October           Thursday              Deepavali

25 December       Wednesday          Christmas Day

26 December       Thursday              Boxing Day