Guyana - Country Commercial Guide
Business Travel

Includes information on business customs, travel advisory, visa requirements, and other aspects of international travel. 

Last published date: 2023-01-03

Business Customs

Guyana is business friendly, consider business clothing and have business cards.  It is common at the end of a deal for the Guyanese partner to invite for dinner or drinks.

Travel Advisory

When considering a visit to Guyana, enroll in the STEP program and check your travel advisory:

Visa requirements

US citizens do not require a visa to enter Guyana.


Guyana’s local currency is the Guyana Dollar. US dollar is changed at cambios and banks. Credit and Debit cards are accepted at most large businesses.  


Internet accessibility in the capital city remains solid but becomes intermittent in outlying areas.  Most hotels offer Wi-Fi.


Transportation options are readily available. Americans are encouraged to use a logistics firm or a hotel taxi. Strong caution should be used when considering use of the public buses.


Guyana is the only English-speaking country in South America.


Describe health and sanitation standards within the country as well as any potential health risks that businesspeople should be aware of. Include any mandatory or highly recommended vaccinations. The pandemic remains a challenge, travelers entering Guyana are required to present a negative PCR, or approved antigen, test 72 hours prior to arrival and to show proof of vaccination, which they should carry with them throughout their stay.

Local time, business hours, and holidays

Guyana follows Eastern Daylight time. Business hours are usually 8 am to 4pm. On Fridays Government agencies close at 3 pm. Banks close to the public at 2pm daily. Work weeks are Monday to Friday.