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Import Requirements and Documentation
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Importation requirements differ based on sector and on product.  In some instances, a tax waiver is granted from the GRA once a concession is requested through GO-Invest.  There are some items which are zero rated such as capital equipment and machinery for agriculture, mining, construction, forestry, and manufacturing.

Licensed customs brokers can prepare and process the required documentation for a fee.  The list below serves as a general checklist of documents required.  However, other documentation may be required, and potential investors are encouraged to contact the GRA to confirm what additional documents may be required based on the nature of import:

  • Import license certificate from the Ministry of Tourism, Industry and Commerce
  • Bill of lading/airway bill with a freight certified stamp.
  • Certificate from a Pesticide, Toxic Chemicals Control Department (if applicable)
  • Certificates of Inspection (if applicable)
  • Certificate of Origin 
  • Certificate of Analysis 
  • Certificate of Free Sale 

Additionally, the submission of free sale and phytosanitary certificates along with certificates of analysis are required by the GA-FDD for examination and approval before products are allowed to enter Guyana.  For the importation of processed foods and beverage items, the GA-FDD currently only accepts certificates from U.S. government agencies such as the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and Certificates of Free Sale issued by competent state commerce offices (e.g., Enterprise Florida).  For additional information exporters and U.S. potential exporters are encouraged to contact the GRA.


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