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Infrastructure Sector
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The Ministry of Public Works is responsible for the management of the infrastructure sector which is poised to significantly expand thanks to both public and private investment flooding into the sector due to the burgeoning oil and gas sector developments.  The GoG also has an ambitious program to construct 50,000 low-to-medium income housing lots by 2025.  Management of this housing drive is overseen by the Ministry of Housing and Water.  As a result of this construction boom, opportunities exist for a range of support services and projects, including fabrication plants, cement factories, steel, ship building, construction and earth moving equipment, and E&C services. However, several who have made investments have found it difficult to land specific contracts when competing with well-connected existing companies.

Subsector Prospects

  • Roads and bridges
  • Deep water harbor and port development
  • Sea and river defense
  • Port Management Information Systems


The GoG seeks to develop Guyana’s infrastructure to meet the increasing demands of the oil and gas sectors and deliver more efficient road infrastructure to meet the demands of local businesses and citizens.  Guyana’s aging road network requires      restoration and expansion to reach underserved populations in the interior.

The GoG procurement system remains largely paper-based and can benefit from digitization to permit digital submissions and foster transparency. Despite a      lingering preference for lowest cost-solutions, the GoG appears to be shifting towards value, reliability, and lifecycle cost analysis.  U.S. firms are encouraged to notify the embassy when submitting bids. 


Ministry of Public Works

Ministry of Local Government

National Procurement and Tender Administration

Central Housing and Planning Authority