Gabon - Country Commercial Guide
Selling Factors and Techniques

Identifies common practices used in selling in this market, including sales material that needs to be in the local language.

Last published date: 2021-10-12

English is not widely spoken but the government is increasing requirements for English to be spoken in the country, especially in the business sector.  Companies should prepare all sales material in French and be prepared to hire translation services for negotiations with the government and local partners.

Trade Promotion & Advertising

Some of the major news organizations in Gabon are:

L’Union (newspaper)

B.P 3849 Ancien Sobraga

Libreville, Gabon

Tel. +241-11-73-58-61


Gabon Television (television)

B.P. 150 Boulevard Thriomphale

Libreville, Gabon

Tel/Fax +241-11-73-25-00


TV+ Chaine 3 (television)

B.P. 8334 NKEMBO

Libreville, Gabon

Tel. +241-11-72-92-04


RTN (television)

B.P. 9563, Okala

Libreville, Gabon

Tel. +241-11-76-88-63

Direct Marketing

There are no restrictions on foreign firms directly marketing products in Gabon.


Prices in Gabon are high.  International and domestic transportation costs can be a considerable factor in selling goods.

Sales Service/Customer Support

Good customer service and follow-up services can confer a significant competitive advantage.