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Distribution and Sales Channels
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Using an Agent to Sell US Products and Services

Most U.S. products sold in Gabon are marketed through Gabonese agents.  Examples include Tractafric (selling Caterpillar heavy equipment) and SOGAFRIC (selling General Electric products).  Small local firms sell other U.S. products.

There are local companies that act as agents or distributors for U.S. companies.  Contact a U.S. Department of Commerce district office (see  under “contact us” for a listing) to request an Agent/Distributor Service (ADS).

Establishing an Office

The primary government entity for establishing an office and starting a business is the Agency for National Promotion and Investment (ANPI).  Established in 2014, ANPI has three core functions – inward investment promotion, business start-up and entrepreneurship support, and export trade development.  It is now possible to establish a company or office within 48 hours.  For more details, please consult the ANPI website: or the following organizations:

Ministère du Commerce (Ministry of Commerce) 
B.P. 561, Libreville, Gabon
Tel. +241-11 76-83-03 ; +241-11-74-59-25
Fax +241-11 72-15-40

Caisse Nationale de Sécurité Sociale (Social Security Administration)
B.P. 134, Libreville, Gabon
Tel. +241-11-70-27-38; +241-11-72-03-61

For the latest Investment Climate Statement (ICS) for Gabon, which includes information on investment and business environments in foreign economies pertinent to establishing and operating an office and to hiring employees, visit the U.S. Department of Department of State’s Investment Climate Statements website at Investment Climate Statements.


There are currently three U.S. franchise operations in Gabon: KFC launched in Libreville in January 2019, Pizza Hut in February 2021, and Pinkberry in May 2021.

Direct Marketing

There are no restrictions on foreign firms directly marketing products in Gabon.

Joint Ventures/Licensing

Joint ventures and licensing agreements are limited in Gabon.  The state reserves the right to invest in the equity capital of ventures established in certain sectors (petroleum, mining, etc.).

Express Delivery

Express Delivery is available in Gabon.  UPS, FedEx, and DHL maintain a presence in the country.  Please see contact information below. 


Libreville, Gabon BP 12947

Tel.: +241-11-44-30-80
Fax.: +241-11-44-30-81
Mob.: +241-775-54-42-07


PAKO Agency Ltd – Gabon
Libreville, Gabon BP 8248
Tel. + 00241 11 74 67 57
Fax. +241 11 746 774

Libreville, Gabon
Tel. +241- 11 44 29 72/ 241-7746886.

Due Diligence

All U.S. companies are advised to exercise due diligence before investing or trading in Gabon.  Highly recommended is “on the ground” investigation into respective sectors and legal requirements.  The U.S. Embassy stands ready to provide perspectives on the overall business climate and to help facilitate trade and investment as appropriate.