Gabon - Country Commercial Guide
Import Tariffs
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In April 2018, Gabon signed a free trade agreementto create a single African market of economic cooperation called the AfCFTA (African Continental Free Trade Area) with 44 out of 55 other Africa Union member states.  The free trade area will only take effect when all protocols are finalized and ratified by at least 22 countries. 

Gabon and its neighbors follow the import tariff structure of Central Africa to include: 

General Systems of Preference:  no import tariffs for goods produced within a CEMAC-member country.

Common External Tariff: 5 percent for Category One products (e.g., basic products), 10 percent for Category Two (e.g., raw materials), 20 percent for Category Three (e.g., intermediate products such as most food), and 30 percent for Category Four (all other products).

Processing Fee (Redevance d’utilisation du systeme informatique, RUSID):  can vary from 2-80 percent of the cost of insurance and freight (CIF).

The Value Added Tax (VAT) is generally 18 percent. A reduced VAT of 10 percent is applicable to mineral water, cement, sugar, and chicken produced in Gabon. Milk products, butter, margarine, cereals, medicine and medical supplies, and fertilizer are exempt from VAT. Companies operating in the Special Economic Zone are exempt from customs taxes and some income taxes.  Companies and diplomatic missions have reported problems receiving VAT reimbursements from the Gabonese government in a timely manner.