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Gabon has a unique culture with many similarities to Central Africa and its French heritage.  Research is highly recommended in advance of your visit.

Travel Advisory: The latest State Department travel information is available at

Visa requirements:  

Contact the Gabonese Embassy in Washington for the latest visa requirements:

U.S. Companies that require travel of foreign businesspersons to the United States are advised that security evaluations are handled via an interagency process.  For the latest details, visa applicants should go to


Gabon uses the Central African Franc (CFA - currency code XAF).  Although the exchange rate is the same, Gabon does not accept the West African CFA (currency code XOF).  Credit or debit cards are becoming more readily accepted, but still generally limited to major stores, restaurants, and hotels.  ATM access is increasing.


Pre-paid local cellular service is relatively easy to establish and not expensive.  Roaming service is available for U.S. carriers, but it can be costly.  Wi-Fi services are not common.


Travel by road outside is Libreville takes considerable time and is subject to weather conditions.  Internal air travel is expensive.  Rail service is limited.  Taxis and busses are available and inexpensive, but the services may be irregular or shared.  Uber is not present.


French is the official language.  English use may develop since Gabon has joined the Commonwealth.


Proof of vaccination for Yellow Fever is required when entering the country.  Mandatory COVID-related measures have been dropped.  Malarial prophylaxis is recommended.  Health care and sanitation standards are below U.S. norms.

Local time: Gabon is one-hour ahead of GMT and does not observe daylight savings time.