Côte d'Ivoire - Country Commercial Guide
Temporary Entry

Discusses requirements for products entering the country/economy temporarily. Includes information on warranty and non-warranty items shipped for repairs.

Last published date: 2021-10-11

A new or temporary business may apply to the Ministry of Commerce and Industry for “Admission Temporaire,” or temporary entry, of its goods that will be processed and then re-exported.  The Ministry of Commerce and Industry grants this status on a case-by-case basis on goods that will be re-exported to other countries.  Prior authorization from the Ministry of Commerce and Industry’s Customs Office and a deposit are required.  Exceptional or occasional temporary admission includes goods for repair, exhibitions, fairs, and testing.  Temporary admission of company material implies suspension of customs taxation of the materials, except if its status changes as a final import.

Most business travelers bring laptop computers into the country without difficulty.  Traveling with desktop computers or other electronic equipment may pose a problem if the equipment is new or the quantity is such that it may be suspected of being brought into the country for resale.  Travelers should be prepared to demonstrate the business purpose of such equipment and may submit a letter to the Director General of Customs to request temporary entry permission for expensive equipment.