Côte d'Ivoire - Country Commercial Guide
Labeling & Marking Requirements
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In addition to the requirements described under import/export documentation, all products must mention the origin – i.e., U.S.-produced merchandise must be clearly labeled “MADE IN THE U.S.A.” - or they will not be allowed to enter the country.  For high-tech equipment (e.g., telecommunications equipment, photocopiers, computer hardware and software), it is critical that keyboards, symbols, instruction manuals, operating systems and applications software be in the French language.  Do not assume the user speaks or understands English.  The equipment must be adapted to run as specified by European electrical and metric standards.  Generally, retailers prefer that consumer products be labeled in French.  Manufactured food products are required to state the country of origin and display an expiration date.  If an expiration date does not appear on the label, health officials may interpret the date of manufacture as an expiration date and deny entry to the product.  Therefore, it is best to include both dates.