Chile - Country Commercial Guide
Market Opportunities
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Chileans generally view U.S. products and services to be high quality and innovative. Some of the best opportunities are in high-value projects requiring innovative solutions, such as 5G technology and applications, data analytics, public transportation platforms, and smart grid technologies.

Energy costs in Chile are among the highest in South America, and Chile is taking steps to expand its installed capacity to meet demand over the next decade. Because of this, Chile is searching for technology and capital to increase supply through new energy generation (specifically renewables, such as green hydrogen) and energy efficiency.

Chile looks to leverage private sector involvement in public works projects and infrastructure via concessions and will continue to use this strategy going forward. Chile has privatized much of its infrastructure and basic services, such as ports, highways, transportation, and water supply. Although there are proposed constitutional changes and bills in Congress to limit private sector involvement, the privates sector continues to be involved in education, retirement/pensions, health care, and telecommunications.

Leading opportunities for U.S. exports of equipment and services include clean energy, healthcare, safety and security, environmental technologies, agricultural equipment, water resources, high-value food products, telecommunications, automotive parts, mining equipment, and urban transportation.