Chad - Country Commercial Guide
Market Opportunities
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Chad’s ongoing development presents opportunities for medium and large-scale projects in oil exploration, power generation and distribution (especially solar), mining, livestock, agribusiness, telecommunications, and infrastructure. There are opportunities in niche markets such as gum arabic and natural products like shea butter, spirulina, and moringa, as well as opportunities to develop value-added products, such as meat products and other processed agricultural goods.

Despite numerous challenges, the success of several foreign investments into Chad illustrates the business opportunities for experienced, dedicated, and patient investors. The oil sector will mark 20 years of operations in 2023 and features several prominent American international oil companies, including ExxonMobil. Olam International entered Chad’s cotton market in 2018 and dramatically increased national cotton production. With rich natural resources, minimally developed agriculture and meat processing sectors, ample sunshine, increasing telecommunications coverage, and a rapidly growing population, Chad presents an opportunity for targeted investment in key sectors for enterprises of all sizes.

The Government of Chad’s  Investment Charter offers investment incentives to foreign companies establishing operations in Chad, including tax-free status for up to five years. Eligible economic activities are limited to the industrial, mining, agricultural, forestry, and real estate sectors. They may not compete with existing enterprises already operating in a satisfactory manner (Articles 16 and 118 of the National Investment Charter). For 2020, the government authorized tax credits for renewable energy investments, including solar power projects. In addition, the Government of Chad’s National Investment and Exporting Agency (ANIE) has a “one-stop-shop” (Guichet Unique) for registering international and national businesses.