Chad - Country Commercial Guide
Import Requirements and Documentations
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The following documents must be filed with Ministry of Industrial and Commercial Development and Private Sector Promotion prior to importation of goods:

· Commercial Invoice: Four copies, preferably in French or with a French translation and description of the goods. All invoices must contain the names of the exporter(s), consignee(s), the product name(s), quantity of each unit, declared value of each unit, gross weight, net weight, and total declared value.

· Certificate of Origin: Two copies, preferably in French or other language with the French translation. The certificate of origin must be issued or notarized and certified by an official Chamber of Commerce in the country of the product’s origin, or by the local Chadian branch of the foreign Chamber of Commerce. If applicable, the Chadian consulate in the manufacturing country could authenticate the certificate of origin.

· Packing list: Packing lists should include the number and quantity per carton and be in numeric series. A packing list is not required, but if it is missing, customs clearance may be delayed.

· Bill of lading/Air waybill: Documents should include the name and address of the consignee/importer of the goods. Identification numbers on bills of lading, air waybills and invoices must be full and correct.

· Halal Certificate:  Certificate that states that the fresh or frozen meat or poultry products were slaughtered in accordance with Islamic law. Certification by an appropriate Chamber of Commerce is required.

· Special Requirements for Pharmaceuticals: Special import certification may be required for pharmaceuticals. The CEMAC’s public health body, the Organization for Coordination of the Fight against Endemic Diseases in Central Africa (OCEAC), is overseeing the process of harmonization of national pharmaceutical policies. Health and pre-shipment inspection regulations are available at the Ministry of Public Health and National Solidarity.