Chad - Country Commercial Guide
Market Entry Strategy
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Companies interested in investing in Chad should thoroughly research the business, environment, legal, and regulatory frameworks. Investors find consultations with established U.S. and other foreign firms useful. Interested U.S. firms should also visit Chad and meet potential business partners and key decision makers in the government. Prospective investors may contact the National Agency for Investment and Exports (ANIE), the Ministry of Industrial and Commercial Development and Private Sector Promotion, or the Chamber of Commerce for information and guidance on investing in Chad.

Successful investors often operate with trusted local partners to navigate the challenges of operating in Chad. U.S. firms should consider placing a representative, agent, or attorney in Chad throughout negotiations to solidify contracts and establish a presence. To be effective, the representative should speak French; Chadian Arabic is also helpful.

There is a small U.S. business community, concentrated in the oil and equipment sectors. There is no American Chamber of Commerce.