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Assessment of Current Buyer Behavior in Market

eCommerce remains extremely limited in Chad. Limited internet penetration, unreliable connections, high costs, low literacy rates, occasional protracted internet outages, and nascent delivery services pose significant challenges to entrepreneurs. Recent and ongoing investment in telecommunications offer investors and exporters new resources upon which to build a first mover advantage.

There is currently no cross-border or B2B eCommerce in Chad. Online payment is not yet available. 

Tigo Cash and Airtel Money the countryallow consumers to pay their electric bills, pay for purchases at shops, and make transactions (money transfers) using mobile telephones. Alipay and WeChat Pay are other mobile payment options.

Local eCommerce Sales Rules & Regulations

The government passed the following laws affecting cyber security and online transactions in 2015:

· Law No. 07 / PR / 2015 of 10 February 2015 on the protection of personal data

· Law No. 08 / PR / 2015 of 10 February 2015 concerning electronic transactions

· Act No. 09 / PR / 2015 of 10 February 2015, on cyber security and cybercrime

In practice, the government has limited capacity and resources to implement cyber security protocols.

The country’s only online marketplace, MossoSouk, was launched in 2016 and offers car rentals and small items for purchase. The service is currently limited to Ndjamena. One of Chad’s popular eCommerce portal is