Azerbaijan - Country Commercial Guide
Licensing Requirements for Professional Services 
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A presidential decree signed in December 2015 issued new measures establishing that all licenses, both previously and newly issued, were to be valid for an unlimited period.  The decree designated the Ministry of Economy as the state authority responsible for the issuance, suspension, resumption, and cancellation of licenses (except for licenses issued for types of activities related to national security) through ASAN Service Centers ( It also established that licenses should be issued within ten days of application (previous regulations provided for a 15-day period).  Licenses can be granted to both Azerbaijani and foreign citizens and legal entities.  Activities no longer requiring a special license include tourism services and the sale of tobacco and alcoholic drinks. 

Activities requiring licensing include those related to national security, medical services and products, education, and certain telecommunications activities, among others.  The Ministry of Economy issues all business licenses, except those with a national security component, including private security activities, information security systems, biometric technologies, and personal information management systems.  The State Security Service, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, and the Ministry of Transportation, Communications, and High Technologies issue these licenses.