Azerbaijan - Country Commercial Guide
Labeling and Marking Requirements
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Azerbaijani legislation imposes special rules on labeling food and agricultural products.  All labels must be in Azerbaijani.  English labels are acceptable if information in Azerbaijani is also provided.  Azerbaijani legislation also requires the following product information to appear on the label prior to the submission of the? customs clearance:

    Name and brand of the product
    Name and address of producing company
    Country of origin
    Expiration date/shelf life
    Nutrition and caloric values
    Net weight (grams or kilos)
    Usage instructions
    Name and type of packing material
    Storage instructions
    Licensing and certification information
    Special warnings, if applicable

If the product has a shelf life of less than three months, it must include the day, month, and year of expiration.  If the shelf life is more than three months but less than eighteen months, the month and year are required.  Products with a shelf life of more than three years are technically not allowed for sale in Azerbaijan.  Fruit products must be labeled.  Labels for fruit juices must specify whether the product is fruit juice (90-100% concentrate), nectar (25-50% concentrate), or a fruit drink (up to 10% concentrate).