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Note proposed changes to the steel license applications – see Proposed Modifications to SIMA on the Federal Register website.

Also, check out our redesigned steel pages!
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Import Licensing
All steel mill imports into the United States require an import license for Customs entry summary. The steel import license is an automatic license used for data collection purposes only. Importers and customs brokers use this website to obtain their steel licenses prior to completing their Customs entry documentation.
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Steel Import Monitor
The Steel Import Monitoring and Analysis (SIMA) program collects and publishes early warning data about U.S. imports of steel mill products for 53 defined steel categories, with aggregate import data available by country of origin, value, volume and average unit value. Data tables and graphs in ITA’s online U.S. Steel Import Monitor are updated on a weekly basis.
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Explore Steel Data
The Global Steel Trade Monitor is an interactive tool to explore (and compare) the global trade of steel mill products by reporting country, partner country, and by product over time.
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Steel Reports
ITA’s reports provide detailed data on steel trade and on the current state of the U.S. steel industry. The country reports focus on trade trends for the top steel importing and exporting countries, along with production, consumption, and steel trade remedy information.